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Dark Pit

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And I am Dark Pit, servant to no other but myself!
Just making sure Pandora's powers don't go to waste!
~ Dark Pit after absorbing Pandora's powers

Out of my way! Coming through!
~ Dark Pit chasing after the Chaos Kin


Dark Pit is a major character in Kid Icarus: Uprising. He is the flawed, incomplete clone of Pit created by the Mirror of Truth. He serves as a rival to Pit, clashing with him multiple times throughout the game. He is currently an officer in the Forces of Nature. Dark Pit first started out hating Pit for ripping off his look, but later learned of the great war and malice the gods were causing and put his differences aside and fought alongside Pit to ensure light prevails against darkness. Afterwards, he returns to being a rival towards Pit. Prior to the Rewind Spring, Dark Pit actually had the capability of flying without any restrictions due to absorbing Pandora's remaining power.

This dropdown contains the synopsis of Dark Pit's story. Read at your own risk as you may be spoiled otherwise!
Dark Pit first appears in Chapter 5: Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit after being manufactured by the Mirror of Truth just as Dark Pit destroys it. Though Pandora arranged for his creation and intended to have him finish Pit off for her, it turned out the Mirror of Truth cracked in the middle of the process, thus making Dark Pit a free agent. After battling against her, Dark Pit knocks Pit away and absorbs Pandora's remains, obtaining an unlimited Power of Flight in the process.

While being chased by Pit and the Underworld Army, Dark Pit sees himself to be the true Pit as he embodies the original's true feelings. This fact also makes Dark Pit an enemy of Medusa and her army as he battles Pit before escaping. He later reappears to indirectly help Pit by taking out Underworld troops and the Underworld Gatekeeper.

While Pit and Palutena attempt to navigate Arlon's moon base and disable it, Dark Pit makes a brief appearence as a sort of mini boss. Arlon reveals he called Dark Pit after he mentioned Pit was inside the moon base. This marks the first instance of Dark Pit helping Viridi and the Forces of Nature against Palutena's army.

In the aftermath of the Aurum Brain invasion, Pit's soul was sealed in a ring, leaving Dark Pit in a coma-like state for three years. After Pit regains his body, Dark Pit comes to and realizes he and Pit share a special connection. Dark Pit then resolves to save Palutena by borrowing the Lightning Chariot and slamming it into the closing portal to the Chaos Vortex, allowing him and Pit to chase after the Chaos Kin. Though the two manage to defeat it, the Chaos Kin's burnt body made a final attempt on Dark Pit's life, leading Pit to sacrifice his wings to save him.

Wanting to help Pit, Dark Pit heads to the City of Souls in order to reach the Rewind Spring while he and the goddesses learn of Hades's true plan. However, upon arriving to his destination, Dark Pit loses his ability to fly when what remained of Pandora emerges from him and uses the Rewind Spring to regain her true physical form. After defeating Pandora, Dark Pit uses the waters to restore Pit's wings, then attempts to fly away but fails, causing Viridi to step in and save him.

During the first showdown with Hades, Dark Pit senses Pit is in danger, and once again borrows the Lightning Chariot. After viewing the explosion of Hades's Heart, he sends the chariot bursting through Hades's chest and rescues Pit. Before Hades can capture them, Palutena extracts them and the Lightning Chariot in the nick of time.

After Pit defeats Hades, Palutena grants Dark Pit the Power of Flight, allowing him to fly alongside Pit into the sunset.

Codex Statistics

Key: Pre-Medusa Fight | Pre-Sealing | Post-Sealing

Tier: 7-C, likely 6-C, Higher with Pandora's powers and Adaptation | 6-B, Higher with Pandora's powers and Adaptation | At least 6-B, Higher with Pandora's powers and Adaptation, likely High 6-A with the Lightning Chariot

Name: Dark Pit, "Pittoo" by Palutena and Pit

Origin: Kid Icarus

Sex: Male

Age: Physically a teenager, chronologically around 3 years old at the end of Uprising

Classification: Officer of the Forces of Nature, Pit's flawed doppelgänger

Status: Alive

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Dark Pit is mostly independent and self-serving. He only joins those he feels helps achieve his goals more efficiently. Despite this, he is willing to put his differences aside and fight alongside Pit and Palutena for the greater good)

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Town level (The Wolf Claws created an explosion this big. Kicked Pit hard enough to knock him on the ground), Likely Island level (Should be comparable to Pyrrhon who considers himself weaker than the other gods, implying he was weaker than Medusa. Pyrrhon amplified the Aurum Hive to create an explosion this powerful), Higher with Pandora's powers and Adaptation | Country level (Scales to Pit who fought Medusa without the Three Sacred Treasures. Medusa recreated the first two towns Pit visited, along with the surrounding area), Higher with Pandora's powers and Adaptation | At least Country level (Fights alongside Pit in the Chaos Vortex who defeated a possessed Palutena who dwarfs gods such as Poseidon who destroyed and sank an entire country), Higher with Pandora's power and Adaptation, likely Multi-Continent level with the Lightning Chariot (The Lightning Chariot shattered through Palutena's barrier and pierced through Hades' chest causing him great pain. The latter god was able to take on the Great Sacred Treasure which should be more powerful than a Reset Bomb)

Durability: Town level (Can wear the Wolf Claws without hurting himself. Fought and endured attacks from Pit), Likely Island level (Should be comparable to Pyrrhon), Higher while using the Super Armor Power (The Super Armor Power briefly increases the durability of the user and nullifies the knockback of strong attacks) | Country level (Comparable to Pit who fought and endured in combat against Medusa without the Three Sacred Treasures), Higher while using the Super Armor Power | At least Country level (Far more durable than before. Can ride the Lightning chariot through Hades' bowels without taking any damage), Higher while using the Super Armor Power

Striking Strength: Town Class, likely Island Class, Higher with Adaptation | Country Class, Higher with Adaptation | At least Country Class, Higher with Adaptation

Lifting Strength: At least Class P (Is comparable to Pyrrhon who spun the entire Aurum Brain around), likely Class E with Telekinesis (Should scale to the gods such as Poseidon who can split the entire ocean down the middle) | At least Class P, likely Class E with Telekinesis | At least Class P, likely Class E with Telekinesis, Class E with the Lightning Chariot (Staggered Hades briefly)

Travel Speed: At least Superhuman (Can run up walls), likely Faster Than Light on foot (Can escape the gravitational pull of black holes), Higher with Super Speed (The Super Speed power can massively increase the ground speed of Dark Pit enough to blitz other opponents), Faster Than Light while amplified by Pandora's powers (Like Pit, Dark Pit can fly out to the Galactic Sea in seconds) | At least Superhuman, likely Faster Than Light on foot, Higher with Super Speed, Faster Than Light with Pandora's powers | At least Superhuman, likely Faster Than Light on foot, Higher with Super Speed, Faster Than Light with Pandora's powers and the Lightning Chariot (The Lightning Chariot is regarded as one of the fastest mounts in the universe)

Combat Speed: Faster Than Light (Was able to blitz Pit on one occasion and regularly fights with him) | Faster Than Light (Like Pit, should be able to dodge attacks from Phosphora) | Faster Than Light

Reaction Speed: Faster Than Light (Can keep up with Pit in combat) | Faster Than Light (Can pilot the Lightning Chariot like Pit and scales to Phosphora) | Faster Than Light

Stamina: Superhuman, Limitless with the Tirelessness Power | Superhuman, Limitless with the Tirelessness Power | Superhuman (Can fight hundreds of enemies in the Chaos Vortex), Limitless with the Tirelessness Power

Range: Standard Melee to Extended Melee physically, At least Kilometers with weapons (The Wolf Claws, a weapon with lower range than other weapon types, can create explosions this big), Multi-Universal with Cosmic Awareness and powers (Can communicate with Palutena and Viridi between the main universe and Chaos Vortex. The Chomp Trap can transport opponents into a universe of pain), and with the Lightning Chariot (The Lightning Chariot can break through space and time, reaching entirely separate dimensions)

Intelligence: Unknown academically (Although he is a copy of Pit who is seen as uneducated by the other gods, Dark Pit is far more serious and acts less naïve than Pit), At least Genius, likely Higher in combat (Has mastered several weapon classes after just using them and, as he's a copy of the original Pit, he has the knowledge of leading Palutena's army through several wars even while mindless. Pit and the other gods have hinted at being eons old)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Divine Magic, Weapon Mastery (Has mastered several classes of weapons and obtained hundreds of weapons over his various journeys and battles), Vehicular Mastery (Can pilot and master various vehicles such as the Lightning Chariot upon just getting them), Telepathy, Clairvoyance, and Cosmic Awareness, (All divine beings can telepathically communicate between each other and use their conversations to locate the other's whereabouts regardless of where they are. Dark Pit could hear the destruction of Hades' heart from the Underworld and tracked down Pit while he was inside Hades. Hades' stomach is an entirely separate space-time continuum from the Underworld. Can sense the presence of other beings even when they're not there), Hand-to-Hand Proficiency, Acrobatics, Limited Attack Reflection, and Perfect Guard (Can perform dodge maneuvers such as rolls, somersaults, and other acrobatic stunts which can deflect projectiles off Dark Pit's body if timed correctly), Limited Invulnerability (Dark Pit can temporarily enter a state of invulnerability after being hit for roughly one second), Stealth Proficiency (Dark Pit's counterpart escaped the Underworld Prison while the guard numbers were low), Social Influencing (Comparable to the original Pit who can haggle with various shopkeepers to lower the price of their products for Pit. Dark Pit's rally cry encourages his foes to support his efforts), Breaking the Fourth Wall (Is aware of The Player and their world, along with referencing other Nintendo franchises like Metroid), Cartoon Physics, Regeneration (Mid Potency and Low, potentially Low-Godly to Mid-Godly [Regeneration]. Pit regrew his hair and healed his bruises from Zeus' lightning bolt by the time he entered the next room. Potentially scales to the lower-leveled gods such as Pandora), Transmutation (Killed enemies are turned into hearts after being defeated), Divine Protection, Immortality, and Blessed (Type 1, 4, 6, and 8. Dark Pit, along with other angels and gods, doesn't age without supernatural influence and views hundreds of years as a short timeframe. If Dark Pit dies, Viridi will resurrect him shortly afterwards. Pit and Palutena have even referenced several of Pit's past deaths in the past including from the original Kid Icarus game where Palutena was captured and petrified. Can survive catching on fire and still persist even after his wings are burned off. Dark Pit refers to himself and Pit as two sides of the same coin. When Pit burnt his wings off and was completely unconscious, he was miraculously able to persist despite Palutena describing this scenario as being fatal beyond her control, implying Pit and Dark Pit's connection kept the two alive long enough to revive Pit), Time Travel, Time Manipulation, and Save and Load (Can save and load to return at any previous events similarly to other Nintendo characters. Check notes for further elaboration), Self-Sustenance (Respiratory Self-Sustenance; Can breathe in space), Sheer Will, Possession, and Empowerment (Through willpower alone, Dark Pit can possess another's body and grant them his divine powers. Dark Pit can enter Crisis Mode which allows him to persist even after having no health and eventually restore it), Extrasensory Perception, Non-Standard Interaction, and Lower-Dimensional Manipulation (Can see and use grind rails while nobody else can. Can interact with and kill Sinistews, which are beings who reside in a one-dimensional universe. Could sense Ness' PSI energy), Acausality Negation (Type 3; Killed the Chaos Kin whose origins resides in the Chaos Vortex, a dimension with irregular laws and physics), Regeneration Negation (Low-Godly), Resurrection Negation, and Immortality Negation (Type 3, possibly 4, 6, and 7), and Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation; Can kill Hewdraw, whose head can live despite lacking a body and even regenerate their entire body back in a short timeframe. Can kill Underworld troops, who are made from souls effectively destroying the soul in the process and characters like Medusa and Pandora. The latter was able to resurrect herself after being absorbed by Dark Pit. Medusa also implied that after Dark Pit absorbed her powers, she could no longer resurrect Pandora), Adaptation (Dark Pit grows stronger through the more enemies he fights, making his powers stronger as well, and can fight previous bosses without the aid of all three Sacred Treasures when he needed them prior. Hades noted how 8-Bit Pit was no match for the current Pit. Pit went from having his stamina and power drained by Monoeyes to being too divine for them to even touch), Telekinesis (Can telekinetically command the Guardian Orbitars, which circle Dark Pit's body even without the need to summon or control them. Scales to Palutena and Poseidon), Summoning (Can summon Viridi's troops and the Lightning Chariot. Can also summon any of his weapons mid-battle to him)
Resistance to Magic, Extreme Heats and Plasma Manipulation (Can fight in the Underworld and inside Volcanoes. Can endure hits from the Earthmaul which uses a sun replica as the main weapon), Extreme Colds (Can traverse in the tundra and parts of the Underworld where it's cold), Petrification (Despite Pit originally needing to use the Mirror Shield to defend himself from Medusa's petrification, he has since gained a complete immunity), Transmutation (Doesn't turn into hearts when defeated by opponents like the Fighters), Life Force Absorption and Paralysis Inducement (Is too divine to have his life force absorbed and is no longer paralyzed when hit by Monoeyes), Status Effect Inducement, Poison Manipulation (Can quickly dispel poisonous effects), Fire Manipulation (Can recover from being scorched by lava in a short period. Tanks attacks from Pyrrhon who is the Sun God), Electricity Manipulation (Can tank lightning bolts from both Zeus and Phosphora), Ice Manipulation (Can break out of being frozen solid), Darkness Manipulation, Curse Manipulation and Corruption (The Gaol Blade is made from the same curse that corrupted Lord Gaol into a slave of evil, which can't corrupt Dark Pit even when being struck), Death Manipulation (Can survive being struck by the Thanatos Staff. As Thanatos is the god of death and the weapon is made after him [Even having some of his signature attacks], it should have similar attributes to his being), Calamity Manipulation (Can survive being struck by the Pandora Claws fire projectiles made of Pandora's essences that blocks. Given the Pandora Claws are designed around Pandora, the goddess of Calamity, and uses her form as the main ammunition, it should share her attributes), Nothingness Manipulation and Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation; Despite the Reaper's scythe being capable of ripping out the victim's soul, this does not work on Dark Pit. Hades can render a soul nonexistent when he eats it, which had no effect on Dark Pit. Souls in Kid Icarus are just another material that lacks any personality. When Pit was sealed in a ring, his body lacked a soul and was completely mindless, but still able to fight. The Collin had their soul removed by Medusa but could still fight for Angel Land), Mind Manipulation and Possession (Underworld troops such as Cacaws attack with a piercing noise that damages the brain, which does regular physical damage to Dark Pit. The Aurum Brain, which had previously hacked and mind controlled Pyrrhon, was unable to take control over Pit despite him directly being inside the Aurum Brain and attacking it), Radiation Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, and Biological Manipulation (Can survive in space for an extended period of time), BFR and Spatial Manipulation (Type 2 and 3. Can escape the Sinistew's pot, which is a one-dimensional universe), Law Manipulation and Physics Manipulation (Despite the Chaos Vortex not being governed by the physical laws of the regular universe, Dark Pit is unaffected by the lack of those laws. Can survive within a black hole with no major consequences), Space-Time Manipulation and Immense Pain Tolerance (The Chomp Trap bends both space and time, inducing immense pain to the target which Dark Pit can power through. Can survive within a black hole with no repercussions. Dark Pit regularly survives fatal injuries thanks to Crisis Mode), One Hit Kill (Before ever dying, Dark Pit can enter Crisis Mode, preventing him from being one-shotted until hit again in time)

Instinctive Reaction (The Dodge Token allows one to dodge any incoming attacks automatically), Transmutation and Minor Power Nullification (The Eggplant and Tempura Bomb transforms the opponent into an Eggplant and/or Tempura with legs, rendering them defenseless and far weaker than before), Curtain Fire, Unlimited Ammo (All weapons run on either a renewable source, or unlimited energy), Extended Blade Range (Weapon classes such as the blades can create an energy-like extension for the weapon which act as a method for close quarters combat), Intangible Attacks and Durability Negation (Various weapons, most notably the clubs, can fire projectiles that pass through objects and enemies), Poison Manipulation (Can inflict Poison onto opponents with the Viper Blade and Scorpio Staff, which can poison the dead. The Poison Cloud bomb creates a toxic mist that damages those who step near or in it. Can poison opponents upon hit with a Poison Card), Fire Manipulation (Various weapons such as the Wolf Claws, Burning Palm, Twinbellows Cannon, and Phoenix Arm set foes ablaze with their attacks. Can ignite opponents upon hit with a Flame Card), Heat Manipulation and Plasma Manipulation (The Optical Blade is stated to be hot enough to melt through steel [The blade's melee strikes even reference Star Wars' light sabers]. The EarthMaul club uses a sun replicate to damage foes), Air Manipulation and Weather Manipulation (The Samurai Blade creates gusts of sharp wind that cut through opponents. The Ore Club creates tornados with its swings. The Cyclone throwable creates a tornado, leaving the opponent vulnerable to attacks), Water Manipulation and Ice Manipulation (Baring the sign of Aquarius, the Aquarius blade uses pressurized water to cut through foes with little effort. Being hit by the blade itself freezes the opponent. The Icy Aura envelopes the user in an icy mist that freezes anyone who gets too close. Can freeze opponents on hit with an Ice Card), Darkness Manipulation, Curse Manipulation and Corruption (The Gaol Blade is made from the same curse that corrupted Lord Gaol into a slave of evil and can directly fire cursed shots which leave an effect on enemies struck by it), Limited Spatial Manipulation (The Ancient Staff's charged shots linger within the air and inverts space around it), Plant Manipulation (The Rose Staff fires vines and roses as projectiles at opponents. The Demon Vine creates a small area of vines which damage and barricade opponents), Necromancy, Animal Manipulation, and Death Manipulation (Can summon giant skulls engulfed in cursed energy and flames along with bats with the Thanatos staff. As Thanatos is the god of death and the weapon is made after him [Even having some of his signature attacks], it should have similar attributes to his being), Invisibility and Sound Nullification (The Stealth Claw shots are completely invisible which are even invisible to characters with Enhanced Senses. The wearer of the Stealth Claws gains silent movement when attacking), Irreversible Damage (The Raptor Claws' attacks are so brutal, that wounds inflicted by it refuse to heal), Light Manipulation (Various weapons produce light including the Beam Claws), Barrier Creation, Attack Reflection, and Calamity Manipulation (The Virgo Palm can create large black hole-like barriers, and the Guardian Orbitars can manifest large shields that can block and counter incoming attacks. The Pandora Claws can create a barrier made of Pandora's essences that blocks incoming projectiles. Given the Pandora Claws are designed around Pandora, the goddess of Calamity, and uses her form as the main ammunition, it should share her attributes), Electricity Manipulation and Paralysis Inducement (Various weapons such as the Phosphora Bow, Halo Club, Dynamo Cannon, Shock Orbitars, and Electroshock Arm electrocute and paralyze opponents. Can shock opponents upon hit with a Paralysis Card), Durability Negation and Summoning (The Reaper Palm can summon Reapettes and cuts the opponent's health in half, regardless of their physical stats. Can summon Centurions with the Centurion Assist), Creation and Earth Manipulation (Can create chunks of buildings as projectiles with the Skyscraper Club. The Cragalanche Cannon fires boulders and meteorites at the opponents), Metal Manipulation (Can create large metal projectiles with the Black Club), Petrification (The Medusa Head fires eye beams that petrify anyone hit. Can petrify opponents upon hit with a Stone Card), Invulnerability (Metaphysical Invulnerability; The Power-Up Drop grants the user complete invulnerability for a brief period of time), Size Manipulation (The Shrinky Bean decreases the user's size and increases their evasion. Can increase the opponent's size, making them an easier and slower target with the Giant Maker), BFR, Space-Time Manipulation, and Pain Manipulation (Type 2; The Chomp Trap bends space and time and warps the opponent into a dimension of pain), Movement Negation (Can trap opponents in a Capture Circle, nullifying their movement)

Limited Flight (Can fly for five minutes with the Power of Flight before Dark Pit's wings begin to burn up), Information Analysis (Viridi can provide information to Dark Pit on his opponent's mid-combat. Due to the nature of Kid Icarus as a franchise, Viridi has shown a great deal of knowledge on other Nintendo verses such as Metroid, Super Mario Bros., and The Legend of Zelda), Law Manipulation (The Fiend's Cauldron can adjust the difficulty of a chapter. This can make fights so easy that the enemy outright refuses to attack back. Each time Dark Pit dies, the Fiend's Cauldron loses some hearts, automatically adjusting the difficulty of a level), Teleportation and Dimensional Travel (Viridi can teleport Dark Pit in and out of battle, along with teleport him back after being incapacitated. Dark Pit can manually teleport himself with the Warp Power), Enhanced Clairvoyance, Precognition, and Radar Sensing (Type 1; By looking through Dark Pit's laurel crown, Viridi can divine his surroundings revealing hidden objects and opponent. Palutena can equip a green tracking arrow which points to Pit's objective), Purification and Power Reversion (Within a short time period, Viridi can remove permanent and lethal status ailments from Dark Pit), Summoning and Creation (Viridi can summon Grind Rails that only Dark Pit see, along with various other items and vehicles), Healing (Viridi can grant food and other recovery-based items for Dark Pit on his journey even when her powers are being blocked off by other gods. Can quickly heal when in a pinch with the Health Recovery Power), Statistics Amplification (Various Power can increase the user's physical stats such as Super Speed, which allows the user to blitz their opponents and the Super Armor Power which slightly increases the user's durability), Transformation and Explosion Manipulation (Can transform into an explosive projectile with the Angelic Missile. Can summon an explosive flame with the Explosive Flame Power, and a landmine with the Land Mine Power), Transmutation and Minor Power Nullification (The Idol Transformation Power turns enemies into idols for Dark Pit to collect. The Eggplant and Tempura Attack transforms the opponent into an Eggplant and/or Tempura with legs, rendering them defenseless and far weaker than before), Energy Manipulation (The Mega Laser Power fires a massive laser in a single direction), Black Hole Creation (The Black Hole Power creates a black hole pulling anyone nearby to its epicenter), Summoning and Plasma Manipulation (Summons shooting starts to rain on opponents with the Meteor Shower Power), Forcefield Creation and Attack Reflection (The Reflect Barrier Power creates a barrier that blocks and reflects all incoming attacks), Light Manipulation (Can summon a light from the heavens that damages all nearby opponents with the Heavenly Light Power), Self-Destruction (Spite allows the user to convert their remaining health into a powerful explosion to damage all nearby opponents), Homing Attack and Information Analysis (Autoreticle, Homing Boost, and Weak-Point Reticle Power lock on, home in more efficiently, and analyze weak points on opponents), Power Modification (Quick Charge, when used, charges Dark Pit's charged attacks far faster and Energy Charge passively builds up energy to amplify the user's attacks), Intangible Attacks (Slip Shot makes Dark Pit's attacks intangible and able to slip through walls), Invisible Attacks (Invisible Shots makes all of Pit's shots invisible even to characters with Enhanced Senses), Poison Manipulation (Poison Attack makes all of Dark Pit's attacks inflict poison on the opponent), Paralysis Inducement (Paralysis Attack makes all of Dark Pit's attacks inflict paralysis on the opponent), Petrification (Petrify Attack makes all of Dark Pit's attacks inflict petrification on the opponent), Velocity Manipulation and Shockwave Generation (Shake and Spin Attack make all of Dark Pit's attacks inflict shake and spin on the opponent), Mind Manipulation (Confuse Attack makes all of Dark Pit's attacks inflict confused on the opponent), Fire Manipulation (Fire Attack makes all of Dark Pit's attacks inflict fire on the opponent), Ice Manipulation (Freeze Attack makes all of Dark Pit's attacks inflict freeze on the opponent), Death Manipulation (Instant Death Attack makes all of Dark Pit's attack instantly kill the opponent), Power Absorption (Power Thief can steal an opponent's powers, making them unable to use them and allowing the user to use them), Reactive Power Level (Libra Sponge increases the user's strength when they take attacks), Darkness Manipulation and Perception Manipulation (Darkness creates a pitch black dome that blinds all opponents within it), Power Disruption (Interference creates a beacon that disrupts the opponent's ability to use powers and see the target's stats), Disease Manipulation, Statistics Reduction, and Paralysis Inducement (The Virus Power reduces the opponent's maximum health and paralyzes them), Invulnerability (The Brief Invulnerability Power allows the user to briefly remain immune to all damage. The Celestial Firework makes the user temporarily invulnerable while using it), Density Manipulation (Lightweight increases Dark Pit's speed by decreasing his weight, making him easier to damage and launch), Invisibility and Intangibility (The Transparency and Playing Dead Power allow the user to become completely invisible and intangible for a fixed amount of time), Analytical Prediction (Can automatically counter attacks before being hit), Vacuum Manipulation (Item Vacuum teleports and pulls in items on the field), Duplication (Double Item doubles the items Pit picks up in battle), Sound Manipulation (Can change the theme of the level with Fortune's Jukebox)

All previous powers plus all of Pandora's powers Unrestricted Flight (Pandora's powers give Dark Pit unlimited flight), Rage Power, Creation (Pandora created the Labyrinth of Deceit), Illusion Manipulation and Mind Manipulation (Type 1, 2, and 3. Pandora's labyrinth is filled with mind-trickery and illusions that confuses even Palutena and is so realistic that Pit can't even tell what's real or not. Some of Pandora's illusions even bend space), Teleportation (Can teleport at will), Passive Power Nullification (Pandora's powers cancel out and nullify Palutena's when they're active), Spatial Manipulation and Limited Reality Warping (Pandora built her Labyrinth in a space pocket which was hidden by the Reapers. Can bend space to make hallways longer than what they appear), Curtain Fire and Fire Manipulation (Can fire a barrage of purple homing flames), Explosion Manipulation (Can fire several small bombs that explode on impact), Vacuum Manipulation (Can create a whirlwind of air that pulls in foes), Energy Manipulation, Attack Reflection and Forcefield Creation (Can create a mirror that acts as a reflective barrier that modifies projectiles to home in on opponents)

All of the Lightning Chariot's powers which includes:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Superhuman Speed, Divine Magic, Space Flight, Space-Time Manipulation, (Can break through space and time to enter entirely separate dimensions), Dimensional Travel and Portal Creation (Can create tunnels in space-time to make travel quicker), Curtain Fire, Energy Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, (Can fire purple bolts of lightning at foes), Fire Manipulation and Homing Attack (Can fire multiple flaming projectiles that track opponents), Light Manipulation (Forms a trail of light when running), Divine Protection, Transmutation (Killed enemies are turned into hearts after being defeated), Immortality, and Blessed (Type 1 and 4. The Lightning Chariot, alongside the gods, doesn't age without supernatural influence and views hundreds of years as a short timeframe. If Phos and Lux die, Viridi will resurrect them shortly afterwards. Pit and Palutena have even referenced several of Pit's past deaths in the past including from the original Kid Icarus game where Palutena was captured and petrified), Self-Sustenance (Respiratory Self-Sustenance; Can breathe in space), Extrasensory Perception, Non-Standard Interaction, and Lower-Dimensional Manipulation (Can interact with and kill Underworld Troops such as Sinistews, which are beings who reside in a one-dimensional universe), Acausality Negation (Type 3; Comparable to Dark Pit who killed the Chaos Kin whose origins resides in the Chaos Vortex, a dimension with irregular laws and physics), Regeneration Negation, Resurrection Negation, and Immortality Negation, and Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation; Type 6 and 7. Can kill Underworld troops, who are made from souls effectively destroying the soul in the process).

Resistance to Magic, Extreme Heats, Plasma Manipulation, and Cosmic Radiations (Is said to hop from star to star with no repercussions. Can endure Underworld Troop attacks), Extreme Colds (Has traveled across the heavens for years), Transmutation (Doesn't turn into hearts when defeated like Pit), Gravity Manipulation, Biological Manipulation & Cosmic Radiations (Can hop too multiple stars and travel the cosmos without suffering the effects of Space), Space-Time Manipulation (Can shatter the barriers between time and space without taking any damage), and Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation) and Nothingness Manipulation (Survived in Hades' dimension without any negative side effects), Law Manipulation and Physics Manipulation (Despite the Chaos Vortex not being governed by the physical laws of the regular universe, Phos and Lux are unaffected by the lack of those laws)


Icon Name Description
First Blade Entrusted to Pit, this blade is just one of a new breed of armaments that combine close-quarters combat with ranged proficiency. The First Blade is well balanced in usability and strength, making it the perfect beginner's weapon.
Burst Blade While the Burst Blade has lower attack power and has the shortest range of any blade, it also fires multiple bullets at once, giving it a wide attack. Its ranged attacks have a strong potential of nullifying incoming fire.
Viper Blade A blade said to have been forged from the scales of a thousand venomous serpents. It's one of the few weapons that inflicts poison damage. Users of this blade should soothe its dark, nightly rattlings with gentle caresses.
Crusader Blade The horizontal stock crossing the barrel is packed with a substance that generates this weapon's wide-ranged shots. These shots have the strong potential for nullifying enemy fire, and the weapon's weight makes its melee attacks powerful.
Royal Blade Once the heirloom of a royal house, this blade has since been worn by time and neglect. Its most powerful shots are those used during a backward dash, making the Royal Blade perfect for a hit-and-run strategy.
Optical Blade Despite its lightness, the extreme heat this glow-in-the-dark blade generates has the ability to cut even through steel. It also has the longest range of any blade and has charged shots that grow in power slightly at long distances.
Samurai Blade The Samurai Blade is a powerful copy of a legendary sword whose curved blade was devastating in close combat. While this blade improves quickness, it has weaker ranged shots and takes time to charge.
Bullet Blade This old-school weapon uses magic to fire a hail of explosive steel bullets. The Bullet Blade doesn't have much in the way of homing ability or melee attacks, but its shots are just as strong over long distances as up close.
Aquarius Blade The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Aquarius. It uses extreme pressure to change water into an impossibly sharp edge. Its charged shot pushes enemies back as it damages them, and its melee attack can freeze foes.
Palutena Blade The rare example of a weapon ordered by Palutena. While its charged shots have a strong potential of nullifying enemy fire and its continuous-fire dash shots travel fast, they aren't very strong. However, its dash shots have great range.
Gaol Blade A blade forged from the same cursed material as Dark Lord Gaol's armor. While it has the most powerful ranged attacks of any blade and its charged shot has a strong homing ability, these attacks move slowly.
Icon Name Description
Insight Staff Staffs have long attack ranges with shots that generally get stronger the farther they travel. They're weak in melee combat, however. The Insight Staff is a well-balanced choice for learning this type of weapon.
Orb Staff The Orb Staff's jewel raises its melee power. Its shot strength doesn't vary much, making it effective at any range. And while these shots lack in damage, distance, and knock-back ability, their large size makes hitting foes a breeze.
Rose Staff The Rose Staff is the product of a desire to combine beauty and lethality. The brambles it fires have exceptional attack power but travel slowly. On the plus side, this weapon charges fast, compared to other staffs.
Knuckle Staff The brutish Knuckle Staff sets itself apart from other staffs by excelling at melee attacks. While its shots still pack a punch, they lack range, lose power as they travel, and charge slowly—so make sure to aim carefully!
Ancient Staff The Ancient Staff is a cold and mysterious weapon made by a dead civilization. Its charged shots hang in midair and can paralyze any enemies they strike. This makes the weapon a great fit for defensive play.
Lancer Staff A staff modeled after an infamous spear said to have slain thousands. It charges quickly, and its shots, although slow moving, are most damaging at close range. Its melee attack is also better than most staffs.
Flintlock Staff This weapon excels at taking out foes from afar. Its shots increase in power as they fly at blinding speeds, making it a solid weapon for users with good aim. However, its melee attack is among the weakest of any weapon.
Somewhat Staff Not only is this weapon closer in form and function to a blade than a staff, but it's actually a living creature! Despite its mysterious nature, the Somewhat Staff still retains its weapon type's movement restrictions.
Scorpio Staff The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Scorpio. Its high-speed shots often inject poison that does damage over time, with a duration and probability based on attack type. While it has a short firing range, it boosts its user's speed.
Laser Staff The firing range of the Laser Staff is among the longest of any weapon. While it's slow to charge, enemies don't react to the staff's continuous fire, allowing users to silently roast foes from a massively long distance!
Dark Pit Staff Staff used by Dark Pit when he hides in Chapter 6. The staff's charged shot does four times the damage at its longest range as it does up close. Continuous fire is also powerful but lacks size and range.
Thanatos Staff Modeled after Thanatos, this staff features a magic scarf wrapped around a piece of bone. Its continuous fire produces a stream of bats, and its backward-dash charged shot conjures a giant skull that hovers in the air.
Icon Name Description
Tiger Claws Claws are melee-specialized weapons that fire talons. They improve speed more than any other weapon, useful since they tend to have a short attack range. With a balanced set of qualities, the Tiger Claws' usefulness in battle speaks for itself.
Wolf Claws These wolf-themed claws set foes they strike on fire, dealing additional damage. Unfortunately, this flame ability limits the weapons' range. Their charged dash shot has a homing ability, something rare among claws.
Bear Claws These claws are like a bear's, with melee attacks among the most devastating of any weapon. Their ranged shots are strong but have a short reach. If you can get up close, your foes won't know what hit them.
Brawler Claws Not only do these claws grant faster movement than any other weapon, they make you look like the king of the ring! While their other attributes aren't as cool as their speed boost, you can't deny the coolness of two-fist punching action.
Stealth Claws Forged in darkness and wrapped in the bandages of mummies, these claws are nearly invisible, so the targets of its fast fire may find it hard to find out exactly who is shooting. The claws do have a lower melee power, however.
Hedgehog Claws Inspired by hedgehogs, these claws charge quickly and provide a large speed boost to users. While they lack homing ability and have a low attack power, their rapid fire shoots a ceaseless barrage of projectiles.
Raptor Claws Claws that let wielders go all 65 million BC on enemies. They feature strong melee and ranged attacks, although they have a slow charge time. Wounds received from these claws are so brutal, they often refuse to heal.
Artillary Claws These macho-looking claws aren't well suited to melee and have almost no homing ability. But where they shine is their shots that have a range comparable to blades, lose no power over distance, and move super fast.
Cancer Claws The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Cancer. Their melee attack packs a mighty wallop, and their charged shots can temporarily hover near enemies. They also give users a speed boost during continuous-fire attacks.
Beam Claws The Beam Claws feature an extremely long attack range, comparable to that of bows. Their shots travel fast and don't lessen in strength over distance. However, they possess a weak homing ability and have a lower attack power.
Viridi Claws Claws that are as beautiful and deadly as Viridi herself. Their shots feature a strong homing ability and can maintain continuous fire for long periods. Charged shots fired by the Viridi Claws paralyze foes one-third of the time.
Pandora Claws These claws are based on the spirit form of Pandora. Their backward-dash charged shot creates a barrier that offers good defense in Together mode. Their third melee strike can knock enemies into the air. Try using a backward-dash attack as foes fall.
Icon Name Description
Sacred Bow Pit's arrows will travel further and faster.
Fortune Bow Bows fire fast homing shots, making them well suited to medium- and long-range attacks. Their shots are small, slightly increasing in damage over long ranges. The Fortune Bow was designed to be a well-balanced version of this weapon.
Silver Bow Prototype of a bow designed by Palutena, it's the only weapon of its type whose shot power is higher at close range. Also features a relatively high firing range and homing ability, making it a solid choice for skilled users.
Meteor Bow The shots fired by this weapon have the longest range of any bow. While its charged shots are large and travel fast, they don't have much homing ability or power. Compensate for this with its heavy homing continuous fire.
Divine Bow A bow made from the wood of a sacred tree. Its fearsome energy is kept in check by the bow's many seals. Its charged shots have a strong potential of nullifying enemy fire. It also charges quickly and has a high homing ability
Darkness Bow The Darkness Bow is shrouded in mystery. Its ranged attacks are powerful, and it even excels as a melee weapon. However, it comes up short in terms of homing ability and charge time.
Crystal Bow A bow carved from crystal taken from a forest near the home of the gods. It has high overall attack power, and fires fairly large projectiles. However, it has a short firing range, giving it a narrow sweet spot for attacks.
Angel Bow Based on the god of love, the Angel Bow fires shots that relentlessly pursue their targets. However, they travel slowly and are not particularly powerful. Multiplayer opponents can easily dodge its shots when attacked head-on.
Hawkeye Bow Why get close to foes when you can snipe from afar? This bow's high-speed shots have a long range and have the strong potential to nullify incoming fire. However, its melee damage is weak, and it takes quite some time to charge.
Saggitarius Bow The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Sagittarius. Its shots can pierce through multiple opponents, making it a great choice when outnumbered. Though it takes a long time to charge, it makes up for it in high damage and shot speed.
Aurum Bow A bow created using Aurum technology. Rare among bows, its continuous-fire dash attack unleashes a barrage of multiple shots. Though it has good range and great homing ability, its low attack power makes it better at a distance.
Palutena Bow Painstakingly crafted by Palutena herself, this bow's shots gain speed the farther they travel. Though its standing shots are weak, its dash shots are mighty. So keep moving, and don't leave yourself open to counterattacks!
Phosphoran Bow A bow crafted from Phosphora's scarf. Its charged shots tend to hit enemies, even when fired aimlessly. Although it lacks in power, its shots have the ability to paralyze foes. As a bonus, those who use it are graced with lightning-quick speed.
Icon Name Description
Violet Palm Palms are equipped on the wielder's arm like a tattoo, drawing upon the user's own vitality to fire a barrage of homing shots. The Violet Palm is an average example of this weapon type, with great rapid fire but basic range.
Burning Palm Shots fired from the Burning Palm set enemies on fire, dealing extra damage. It has the strongest melee attack of any palm, although it features a long charge time and short firing range. And after the battle, it makes a mean BBQ.
Needle Palm This palm fires needles that burrow into targets. They travel fast but have little homing ability. There isn't much difference in range between charged shots and continuous fire, so no need to think too hard about gauging your distance.
Midnight Palm The Midnight Palm is geared toward defense, with ranged attacks that have a strong potential of nullifying incoming fire. It has powerful but slow shots. Its backward-dash charged shot crushes foes with a gigantic moon.
Cursed Palm A nefarious palm imbued with foul magic. It fires powerful cursed shots that travel slowly and lose strength over time, yet still relentlessly pursue their targets. And the Cursed Palm's melee attack is devastating in its own right.
Cutter Palm The Cutter Palm fires light rings that slice through foes. While powerful, it takes long to charge and its continuous fire lacks good homing. Despite these flaws, you can't go wrong with its homing backward-dash charged shot.
Pudgy Palm This palm weapon shoots fancy, balloon-like shots. It has a short charge time and a strong overall homing ability. Its backward-dash charged shot can overwhelm almost any shot and is handy against enemy attacks in Together mode
Ninja Palm A weapon with the soul of a dark assassin. It has a short charge time, fires fast-moving shots, and boosts speed and agility. It even excels at melee attacks! On the other hand, it lacks in power, range, and homing.
Virgo Palm The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Virgo. Features the longest firing range of any palm, and its shots grow in size as they travel. While lacking in power and homing ability, its backward-dash charged shot creates a useful defensive wall.
Aurum Palm Produced with Aurum technology, the Aurum Palm has almost no homing ability, making careful aim a must. Its high energy output means it charges fast, allowing users to fire off charged shots at a rate of one per second.
Viridi Palm Created by and requiring total devotion to Viridi, this palm excels at landing consecutive hits, with the damage it deals depending on where it strikes the target. Shooting from a distance will help improve its accuracy.
Great Reaper Palm The Great Reaper Palm uses the power of the Great Reaper to summon Reapettes that hound targets. It takes a while to charge, but unique among weapons, its attacks have the power to halve the foe's maximum health.
Icon Name Description
Ore Club Clubs are unique weapons ideal for dealing huge amounts of damage. Their gigantic long-range charged shots can even pass through walls! The Ore Club is fashioned from minerals that were mined on the mountain of the gods.
Babel Club Designed to look like the tower that incurred the wrath of the heavens, this club has the longest charge time of any weapon. Its charged shots kick up a violent storm that delivers consecutive strikes, so try to make sure all of them hit.
Skyscraper Club A club with a rather modern look. Its charged shots deal massive damage up close and decrease in power the farther they travel. The Skyscraper Club decreases the user's speed more than most clubs.
Atlas Club Unlike most clubs, the Atlas Club allows users to run quickly while using it. Its shots don't pass through obstacles, but its dash attacks travel fast with a high homing ability. A club that handles more like other weapon types.
Earthmaul Club The Earthmaul Club has a longer reach than any other weapon, its charged shot traveling up to 126 m. This is roughly three times the range of the First Blade. Its backward-dash charged shot reflects off walls
Ogre Club The club used by Dark Pit in his battle with Pit beneath the temple in Chapter 6. Though its charged shots are slow and easily dodged, this superbrutal club has the most powerful melee attack of any weapon.
Halo Club This lightweight club shoots halos for its ammunition. Unlike other clubs, the Halo Club's charged shots can paralyze opponents. However, it has a low attack power and is particularly ill suited for melee attacks.
Black Club While the mysterious Black Club's attack power and homing ability are high, its charge time and shot speed are slow. And not only do its charged shots cancel out enemy fire, they look really cool doing it too!
Capricorn Club The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Capricorn. Its spiraling charged shots lack range, do less damage as they travel, and don't cancel out other shots. However, these shots do move fast and have a superfast charge time.
Aurum Club This club has charged shots that have limited range and lack homing but are large, making it harder for targets to avoid them. It can also shoot through obstacles, and its shots have a strong potential for nullifying incoming fire.
Hewdraw Club This club fires blade blasts and flame breath like the beast himself. Its charged shots have an extremely long range and high homing ability but are somewhat lacking in damage. Its melee attack also packs a mighty punch!
Magnus Club Designed to look like Magnus's sword, this club is at the top of its class in melee power and even boosts the speed of its user! Its shots barely have any range, making it the rare weapon exclusively suited to close combat.
Icon Name Description
EZ Cannon Cannons fire powerful shots one at a time. Bristling with energy, their volatile volleys explode on impact. The EZ Cannon is a standard version of this armament. While balanced in most respects, its bouncing shots do have a strong homing ability.
Ball Cannon Inspired by the weapons seen on pirate ships, the Ball Cannon shoots iron balls with devastating power. Its continuous fire creates a hail of smaller spheres sure to turn any scurvy dog into swiss cheese.
Predator Cannon This cannon raises movement speed and has the strongest melee attack of its weapon type. Upon exploding, its shots deal repeated damage, and its backward-dash charged shot fires an arcing shell that descends on the foe.
Poseidon cannon Imbued with just a fraction of the sea god's strength, the Poseidon Cannon fires rippling, water-like shots that entangle enemies and smash them with the force of a flood. Its rapid fire blasts enemies with a veritable divine water cannon.
Fireworks Cannon A cannon inspired by the tubes used to launch fireworks. It features a strong homing ability, fast charge, wide explosions, and the ability to knock enemies into the air. On the downside, its attacks lack in power and range.
Rail Cannon The Rail Cannon fires small rounds at high speeds with the greatest range of any cannon, and it has continuous fire that unleashes projectiles in very tight clusters. It's a solid choice for those accurate enough to pick off enemies from afar.
Dynamo Cannon The Dynamo Cannon fires charged shots that detonate at the end of their range or upon impact, causing damage in a small radius. Many of the cannon's attacks also paralyze foes.
Doom Cannon A cannon that brings ruin to its victims. The shots are slow to charge, and slow-moving as well, but after impact, they deal ongoing damage in an expanding, devastating area!
Leo Cannon The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Leo. Shoots incendiary bombs that can send enemies flying, then explode behind them for extra damage. This attack can be difficult to land, making the Leo Cannon tricky to use.
Sonic Cannon The bursts from this weapon cut foes to shreds. Its continuous fire covers a vast area, eventually zeroing in on targets with its homing ability. Its long range and expanding charged shots make it great for distance fighting.
Twinbellows Cannon Inspired by the most dreaded mutt in the Underworld. Fires a flame stream that roasts nearby foes. Its backward-dash charged shot creates explosions that detonate near the area they're fired, making them great for close combat.
Cragalanche Cannon A cannon made from pieces of Cragalanche. The rocks it fires have massive destructive power. But, being rocks, they lack speed and their explosions are relatively small.
Standard Orbitars Orbitars are pairs of weapons that fire shots as they hover above their wielder's shoulders, allowing for wholly unimpeded movement. And what the small Standard Orbitars lack in punch they make up for in all-around quality.
Guardian Orbitars These orbitars specialize in defense, for their charged shot raises a shield that has a strong potential of nullifying incoming fire. After throwing up this shield, users should switch to continuous fire as their main method of attack.
Shock Orbitars These orbitars gather their energy from the flaps of Pit's wings, releasing electric projectiles that disperse on impact. Their speed and range are nothing spectacular, but their charged shots have a high homing ability.
Eyetrack Orbitars These orbitars were once sealed inside a cursed royal tomb. Their homing ability is among the best of any weapon, making them very easy to use. However, they lack in terms of attack power and charge time.
Fairy Orbitars Tired of pixies asking you to listen? Try these spritely orbitars on for size! They charge quickly, allowing for consecutive charged shots. Their greatest feature is the ability to confuse enemies.
Paw Pad Orbitar The Paw Pad Orbitars are too cute, aren't they? They have a short charge time, and shots bounce about like an excited kitten. Shield yourself with the backward-dash charged shot, or circle around enemies using continuous fire.
Jetstream Orbitars Charged shots fired from these orbitars may lack any sort of homing, but when they do hit—watch out! They're strong, though generally lose strength the farther they travel. Try knocking foes into the air with charged shots!
Boom Orbitars These burly-looking orbitars fire small bullets that really pack a wallop! Top among orbitars in melee and ranged attack power, they lack any sort of homing ability and slow the user down considerably during continuous fire.
Gemini Orbitars The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Gemini. The standard charged shots they fire travel straight, then break suddenly toward their target. This makes the wielder of such orbitars extremely hard to predict in Together mode.
Aurum Orbitars These orbitars were built by literally combining members of the Aurum forces. Their continuous fire unleashes a narrow beam that is limited in range but travels so fast that targets have little time to dodge.
Centurion Orbitars Modeled after Palutena's rank-and-file soldiers, these orbitars fire shots that arc like arrows in flight and are powerful at close range. Their backward-dash charged shots fire centurion-knight shields, and their continuous fire has a long range.
Arlon Orbitars Inspired by Arlon the Serene. But unlike Arlon, this weapon is far from invisible in combat, featuring the longest range of any of the orbitars. Its continuous fire unleashes a stream of the chakrams used by Arlon.
Icon Name Description
Crusher Arm Arms have the smallest reach of any weapon type, putting wielders at a disadvantage in long-range combat. Yet they also have incredible dash and melee attacks. The Crusher Arm is the standard model of this type of weapon.
Compact Arm An arm designed to be both small and light, it gives the highest movement speed of any arm, though this comes at the cost of lower melee power. Handling more like other weapons, the Compact Arm is great at midrange.
Electroshock Arm An arm that fires bursts of electricity. Its charged shots expand as they travel, dealing a quick round of damage and inflicting paralysis. And its melee strikes send the foe flying backward, so get in there quick with your combos!
Volcano Arm The Volcano Arm uses geothermal energy for ranged and melee attacks that can set foes ablaze. Though limited in distance and long on charge time, it's a good pick for close-quarters combat.
Drill Arm Designed to look like an excavation tool, the Drill Arm plows through enemies with its charged shot, which does ongoing damage. The powerful attack has great homing ability.
Bomber Arm The rapid burning fists this weapon fires swerve sharply toward the foe. Though its continuous fire is weak, its charged shots are not, and it charges more quickly than any other arm. However, its range is among the shortest of any weapon.
Bowl Arm This weapon was designed to look like a decorative bowl and curiously fires off bowls and toys. While it seems like the Bowl Arm would be a fragile sort of weapon, it actually has potent charged shots.
End-All Arm The End-All Arm is the be-all arm for malicious decimation. Though it takes a long time to charge, its continuous fire is deadly, particularly when fired during a side dash. However, it does slow the user's movement somewhat.
Taurus Arm The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Taurus. The two horns deal the most melee damage of any arm. While its ranged attacks are big and powerful, they have weak homing ability and limited range.
Upperdash Arm The Upperdash Arm is outfitted with a disc-shaped device that fires ring shots. Its backward-dash charged shot can lift foes into the air. While its regular melee attacks are weak, its melee dash attack deals massive damage.
Kraken Arm Fashioned after the Galactic Sea's greatest monster, this weapon fires slow shots that feature large, hooking homing trajectories. It also features a strong melee attack and midrange performance.
Phoenix Arm Modeled after the Phoenix, this arm features a unique continuous fire that travels twice as far as its charged shots. The charged shots set foes ablaze, while its continuous-fire attack launches blade feathers.
Icon Name Description
Sky Jump Jump high into the air from where you're standing.
Jump Glide Jump high into the air, then perform a glide.
Rocket Jump Launch yourself upward with the force of a rocket.
Angelic Missile Transform into a missile that shoots in the direction you're facing.
Super Speed Run extremely fast and knock weakened foes into the air when you bump into them.
Warp Warp from your current position.
Icon Name Description
Idol Transformation Turn enemies with low health into idols.
Mega Laser Fire a massive laser.
Explosive Flame Set off a massive explosion.
Black Hole Create a black hole that pulls enemies toward it.
Meteor Shower Release a deluge of shooting stars.
Land Mine Plant an invisible bomb on the ground.
Reflect Barrier Create a barrier that reflects shots.
Heavenly Light Unleash a light that hurts approaching enemies.
Spite Convert all remaining health into a powerful explosion.
Icon Name Description
Autoreticle Target enemies automatically when attacking.
Weak-Point Reticle Target enemies' weak points automatically when attacking.
Quick Charge Charge up shots immediately.
Homing Boost Improve the homing ability of shots.
Slip Shot Fire shots that pass through walls.
Invisible Shots Make the shots you fire invisible.
Poison Attack Posions foes with attacks.
Paralyze Attack Attacks inflict paralysis on a foe, which can stop its movement and make dodging harder.
Weaken Attack Attacks inflict a weakened status on a foe, which halves its maximum health.
Petrify Attack Attacks inflict petrification on a foe, which makes it unable to move.
Shake Attack Attacks inflict a shaking status on a foe, so it has a harder time aiming.
Confuse Attack Attacks inflict a confused status on a foe, which makes it move and shoot unpredictably.
Burn Attack Attacks inflict a burned status on a foe, which causes ongoing damage faster than poison.
Freeze Attack Attacks inflict a frozen status on a foe, which makes it unable to move.
Instant Death Attack Attacks have a chance of killing a foe instantly.
Spin Attack Attacks inflict a turning status on a foe, which impairs its orientation.
Eggplant Attack Attacks inflict an eggplant status on a foe, which makes it unable to attack.
Tempura Attack Attacks inflict a tempura status on a foe, which makes it unable to attack.
Power Thief Melee attacks have a chance of stealing the victim's unused powers.
Energy Charge Build up energy and increase the power of your attacks. Taking damage nullifies this effect.
Libra Sponge Use attacks recieved to increase the strength of your own attacks.
Icon Name Description
Darkness Turns foes blind.
Interference Plant a beacon that disrupts enemies' ability to trigger powers and see your stats.
Virus Weaken and paralyze nearby foes.
Icon Name Description
Super Armor Increases defensive strength and prevent getting knocked back when receiving damage.
Brief Invincibility Completely protect yourself from enemy attacks.
Tirelessness Run continuously without tiring.
Lightweight Increases movement speed and prevents tiring out in exchange for taking more damage when hit.
Trade-off Use nearly all health to increase all attributes. The duration depends on how much health you have.
Aries Armor Reduces damage received, and prevents status effects and getting knockback.
Icon Name Description
Bumblebee Dodges all attacks by vanishing and circling around the enemy in an instant.
Counter Avoid getting knocked back and automatically counter attacks when hit by enemy attacks.
Transparency Turn transparent, making you invisible to enemies.
Playing Dead Fool enemies into thinking you're finished, then turn invisible, making attacks pass through you.
Heart Booster Increase the number of hearts recieved when you defeat enemies.
Icon Name Description
Health Recovery Recover a little health.
Crisis Recovery Recover instantly from Crisis mode.
Effect Recovery Dispel effects like poison or paralysis.
Pisces Heal Heal by taking attacks that would normally finish you.
Icon Name Description
Item Vacuum Draw items toward you.
Throwing Boost Increase the homing ability and distance of thrown items.
Double Item Doubles the effects of items acquired.
Icon Name Description
Fortune's Jukebox Change the game music randomly.
Celestial Firework Celebrate Lady Palutena by launching a firework into the air
Random Activate a random power. You won't know which one it will be until you use it.
Icon Name Description
Grenade Once picked up, you can lob this powerful grenade in the direction of the reticle with your next press of the attack button. The yellow color of the reticle means you can press the attack button to throw an item.
X Bomb X Bombs explode shortly after being thrown, ripping through multiple enemies for massive damage with their cross-shaped blast. The orientation of the explosion depends on the direction faced when the bomb is thrown.
Bouncy Bomb This bomb slowly bounces off surfaces. While unpredictable, a Bouncy Bomb keeps going after hitting walls, making it effective in closed-in spaces. Try sending it around blind corners as a precaution!
Jump Bomb This spring-shaped bomb knocks enemies straight into the sky. You can also use it to jump by throwing it at your feet, making it the rare item that can be used to enhance both attacks and movement.
Smart Bomb The blast from this explosive item slowly envelopes enemies. While lobbing it at random is effective, try taking advantage of the safe zone in the center of the blast. A versatile and deadly addition to any arsenal.
Eggplant Bomb This bomb contains the essence of the Eggplant Wizard's dark magic. Victims of this item are temporarily transformed into eggplants. Once requiring a visit to the hospital to cure, this condition thankfully now wears off over time.
Tempura Bomb What's the worst thing about being turned into fried shrimp? Getting eaten? The embarrassment? Not being able to attack your foes? If it's the last one, watch out for the Tempura Bomb, because that's exactly what it does!
Boom Spear This fearsome attack item is armed with an explosive tip that unleashes a powerful blast after it skewers enemies. Its strong homing ability often helps it find a target even when the Boom Spear is thrown at random.
Demon Vine This species of vine grows instantly, blocking creatures and attacks with its tangled tendrils. This makes Demon Vines perfect for erecting barriers to block foes and seal enemies off in corners.
Cyclone The strong winds created by this item pull enemies toward its center. Any enemies that reach the Cyclone are damaged and then thrown into the air. As an added bonus, they're also spun around, making it hard for them to aim.
Poison Cloud The poison mist that billows from this magic urn comes form a noxious, lifeless swamp. While it's not flashy, it has a wide range, and anyone who steps in its putrescent fog will be assaulted by damaging toxins.
Icon Name Description
Poison Card Gives your weapon the ability to poison an enemy.
Flame Card Gives your weapon the ability to burn an enemy.
Freeze Card Gives your weapon the ability to freeze an enemy.
Stone Card Gives your weapon the ability to petrify an enemy.
Paralysis Card Gives your weapon the ability to paralyze an enemy.
Happy Trigger The Happy Trigger cuts the wait between charged shots. The ability to fire off a rapid succession is valuable for weapons with long charged times.
Dodge Token Who has time to think about dodging in the heat of battle? Not you, that's who! Equip the Dodge Token to automatically dodge some attacks, provided you're not in the middle of your own attack.
Impact Amplifier Use this item to give your charged shots the ability to knock back foes. If you knock them back far enough, they'll lose their chance to counter!
Power-Up Drop Power-Up Drops make you invincible against attacks. While its effects aren't long-lived, this powerful item can turn the tide of a losing battle if used wisely.
Shrinky Bean Users who eat these beans are shrunk down to a smaller, harder-to-hit size. Shrinky Beans don't affect attack power, making them doubly effective. However, being small won't protect you from wide-ranging attacks, so watch out!
Speed Boots These boots boost the foot speed of anyone who wears them. This bonus is short lived, so try to take advantage of it while you can. Though incredibly useful, the Speed Boots' brevity can make them an inefficient item.
Food Any textbook will tell you that food found on the street can heal even the worst injuries. While these treats may not look like much, they restore energy immediately, usually in proportion to their calorie count.
Drink of the Gods The official beverage of the deities, the Drink of the Gods features a sweet taste and bold dose of total health recovery. Down one to instantly recover all of your health.
Recovery Orb Palutena crafted this item after seeing Pit drop food one too many times during air battles. While it's somewhat lacking in potency, it recovers life the moment it's picked up, making the Recovery Orb a great source of first aid on the go.
Chalice When he has got it, Pit gets one measure of strength back
Bottle When Pit has this, his strength recovers by one meter section when his strength has gone down to 0. He can only carry one bottle unless he has a water barrel.
Barrel Pit can carry up to 8 water of life bottles if he has this barrel.
Mallet Pit needs a mallet to rescue his friend Centurian at the fortress. Each mallet has the power of five arrows. One swing of the mallet and the number of mallets in stock decrease by one.
Icon Name Description
Centurion Assist This small item looks exactly like one of Palutena's centurions. However, it has no will of its own and hovers around its users, shooting enemies with pinpoint accurary. This makes it a great source of extra firepower.
Killer Eye A compact, movable turret. Any who enter its field of vision are showered with a relentless stream of shots. Press the attack button after picking it up to place it in front of you. It can't attack targets directly behind it though.
Medusa Head Calm down: these are just lifelike models of Medusa's head. They fire petrifying beams capable of turning victims to stone. They function a lot like a turret, making the direction of placement an important decision.
Spike Ball When picked up, this spiky iron sphere spins around you, dealing damage, to enemies in its radius. Use it in conjunction with ranged attacks to take out any enemies that try to dodge the Spike Ball.
Icy Aura This item surrounds its user in a spinning wall of ice that freezes everyone it touches. While this requires you to get close to your foes, it's quite effective! If you're on the receiving end of this item, quickly slide the Circle Pad in all directions!
Boom Rocket These rockets first launch skyward, after some time falling back down and unleashing a massive explosion when they land. The delayed attack makes them a bit tricky to use but effective in areas where foes are likely to gather.
Atlas Foot Just as the Atlas Club was created to look like a giant's arm, the Atlas Foot item calls forth a gigantic foot that stomps the earth in front of its user, crushing enemies. Sadly, this isn't the actual foot of the famous Atlas.
Lightning of Judgment It's said the lighting gods created the Lightning of Judgment as a way of blowing off a little steam. The item shoots spears of electricity, dealing damage to all enemies within its storm. Super effective in Solo and Together mode.
Giant Maker Once placed on the ground, players who walk over this item will be turned into giants. While this effect add strength, it also makes the user a much bigger target. Take extra care when facing opponents using staffs.
Chomp Trap A mysterious pit trap that bends both time and space. Those who step on it find themselves in a dimension of pain, continuously taking damage. Chomp Traps are quite devious, which makes them very dangerous.
Capture Circle Those who come into contact with a Capture Circle get temporarily fixed to the spot. This doesn't prevent them from attacking or dodging, however, so don't underestimate your prey when using this item!
Jump Mat Place one of these handy mats on the ground, and step on it to jump! They're great for reaching otherwise hard-to-reach locations. If you find a Jump Mat in Solo, look for a place tp use it nearby!
Back Shield This floating shield appears behind you, defending you from attacks from the back. While it doesn't help when tackling enemies head-on, it can be a lifesaver in situations where you're suddenly surrounded.
Protective Crystals Two Crystals will revolve around Pit's body and protect him from the enemy's attacks.
Angel's Feather Pit will bounce back up into the screen automatically after he falls off a cloud.
Harp This turns the enemies displayed on the screen into mallets for a short while.

Notable Techniques

  • Forward-Dash Continuous Fire: Dark Pit lunges or front flips forward, rapidly firing whatever weapon is currently in hand.
  • Side-Dash Continuous Fire: Dark Pit side leaps or spins left or right while firing multiple projectiles in quick succession from his weapon of choice.
  • Backward-Dash Continuous Fire: Dark Pit backflips and briefly remains airborne, firing multiple shots in the air with his weapon of choice at a rapid rate.
  • Charged Shots: Remaining idol for a brief moment automatically charges Dark Pit's next attack, firing a more powerful version of his standard ranged attack.
  • Forward-Dash Charged Shot: Identical to the Forward-Dash Continuous Fire in execution, Dark Pit unleashes a single charged attack in front of him from his weapon of choice.
  • Side-Dash Charged Shot: Identical to the Side-Dash Continuous Fire in execution, Dark Pit evades either to his left or right, unleashing a single charged attack from his weapon of choice.
  • Backward-Dash Charged Shot: Identical to the Backward-Dash Continuous Fire in execution, Dark Pit leaps backwards, unleashing a charged attack from his weapon of choice.
  • Melee Attack: Dark Pit uses his weapon of choice to strike at nearby opponents, knocking them back.
  • Melee Combo: Dark Pit uses any weapon of his choice to string together multiple melee strikes in rapid sessions.
  • Melee Dash Attack: Dark Pit, with his selected weapon, dashes forward and slashes at close ranged opponents.


Standard Tactics: As Dark Pit has access to Pandora's powers, he can remain airborn indefinitely. This allows dark Pit to keep his distance and snipe his foes from afar. If the situatiopn calls for it however, he will summon the Lightning Chariot to his aid and ram it into his opponents at full speed or use it to gain some distance.

Weaknesses: As a flightless angel, Dark Pit's only method for flying is either Pandora's powers, or the Power of Flight, the latter of which can only be used for five minutes before burning Dark Pit's wings.


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